Welcome to Craigie Pygmy Goats.

Set in rural Aberdeenshire, we have a small herd of quality breed standard Pygmy Goats.  We started off with two female kids back in 2012 from Clare at www.brucklaypygmygoats.co.uk Keeping pygmy goats has now become a passionate hobby for our whole family. Our daughter Skye has spent a considerable amount of time looking after and playing with her goats. Last year Skye attended quite a few local shows and managed to win a number of rosettes.  Skye hopes to continue showing her goats in the future as she finds it very enjoyable.

Pygmy Goats in the UK originated from Africa where they provided milk and meat for the family.

Pygmy Goats should never be kept on their own (they are a herd animal) they are extremely hardy but don’t really like the rain. Pygmy’s are very inquisitive and love the attention from other goats or humans.

Both females and castrated males (weathers) make ideal family pets.

All our Pedigree Pygmy Goats are registered with the Pygmy Goat Club www.pygmygoatclub.org.uk You will find lots of info on their web site.

For more information stock availability please contact me gill@craigiepygmygoats.com