Keeping pygmy Goats 

Pygmy goats are very easy to look after, although they must have an adequate shelter from the wind and rain and a grassy area that has good fencing. Don’t be fooled into thinking they make good lawnmowers as this is not the case. Goats prefer hedging and shrubs so don’t let them loose on your perfectly manicured garden. Willow is a favourite, we have planted quite a few trees so that we can cut branches off as and when required. They should be provided with a constant supply of fresh water and good quality hay. We produce are own hay however stock is limited They should be fed a small hard feed twice a day as well. We recommend Harbro calf crunch. However we do add caprivite  A good quality copper salt lick is also advisable. Please do your research before you commit to buying Pygmy Goats As a responsible owner you need to provide the correct environment to bring up your new pet.

You are required by law to have a CPH (holding) number this is free!! and can be obtained from DEFRA. All goats need to be tagged (one tag in each ear) or one in the ear and a pastern tag. If you intend to move your goats for whatever reason e.g. to a show you will have to complete a movement licence. This is relatively easy to do.

Goats just love the company of fellow goats. If we do have stock for sale at any time we would not sell a single goat unless you already have some at home.

Pygmy goats require shelter as they detest the rain make sure you have hay racks or hay bags. Hay nets are not suitable and small goats can get trapped in the net which can be quite dangerous.

Pygmy Goats are extremely playful. We have various items of goat play equipment made from wood planks cable reels and even a slide and a see saw. We managed to make this from stuff lying about the croft. Get creative as your goats will give you hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

Pygmy goats will need their feet trimmed on a regular basis but this is relatively easy to do. They will also need to be vaccinated on an annual basis and wormed according to your vets advice.